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Hi! My name is Hussein Yahfoufi. I'm a product and technology executive in San Diego, California. Scroll down to learn more.

I am currently the VP of Product and Technology at ecapital.com, a financial services provider to the transportation industry.

My proudest achievements at eCapital are the launch of the new client portal which I took from concept to launch and the launch of our API library while successfully transitioning the team to an agile product development team.


I helped co-found StudioGo, a marketplace for dance classes and studio space.


I also created a live chat as a service product called ConvoLounge (RIP), which hosted awesome guests!


I led the efforts for OneRoof Energy to create SunOpps, the first direct to consumer solar system purchase platform. Going solar, anyone?


I created AppSplit, a crowdfunding platform for apps which was featured on TechCrunch among other other publications. I also made DiamPrice and MyJeweler, two successful apps in the Diamonds and Jewelery industries.

Finally, I also spent time at LPL Financial and Morgan Stanley, and worked on various other products. I can code, design, build, market, sell and manage but my passion is product management.
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